Adding a 9MHz IF output Panadapter to the Ten-Tec Omni VI+

Hardware Info

We tap the 9MHz signal before it goes through xtal filters and pass it through a buffer amplifier and then bring the signal outside the rig. I then fed it into an SDRPlay RSP1 receiver as the panadapter unit controlled by various PC software packages. I used a Clifton Labs Z10000 buffer amp. Although Clifton Labs is no longer in business, reportedly DX Engineering will begin offering a new version of the Z10000 in early 2018. This buffered output will also work well with LP-PAN configured for 9MHz.

Click on the image below to see full size schematic of where the 9MHz IF output tap is made on the BPF/Front End Board


Remove the BPF/Front End Board after pulling off the four Molex connectors and 5 mini coax TMP connectors and unscrewing the five mounting screws. Add the RG174 if output and +VDC taps as shown below on the solder side of the board:


Reinstall the BPF/Front End Board. Solder the if output coax to the "IN" terminals of the buffer board as well as a long length of RG174 to the "OUT" terminals. Solder the +VDC wire to the "PWR+" terminal. Mount the buffer board using a half inch metal spacer with 4-40 threaded end into the top middle mounting hole. Use star lock washers to ensure a good ground connection. Run the output coax through the pass-through hole and toward the rear of the radio. I just passed it out through the "MUTE" jack and terminated it in an inline female RCA jack. I have an RCA plug antenna cable for my SDRPlay RSP1.


Software Info

(I used an SDRPlay RSP1 receiver as the panadapter unit)

If you also need to run logging software along with panadapter software, you need to implement some scheme of CAT port sharing. There are several option and this Web site has an excellent treatment of how to implement the various options. I found the OmniRig options buggy and prefer the Ham Radio Deluxe - HDSDR panadapter option that uses a DDE link to share the CAT port. Connect HRD directly to the Omni 6+ (tell HRD that it is an Icom 735). In HDSDR, set these Options:

HDSDR software has a neat "Mirror RF Spectrum in general" checkbox that makes the spectrum move correctly with the Omni 6/SDRPlay combo. SDR Console has an "invert spectrum" checkbox in the Radio Setup screen.

Here's a screenshot of HPSDR running as a panadapter with my Omni 6+:
Here's a good quick start guide: SDRPlay with SDR Console v3. Here's a screenshot of SDR Console v3 running as a panadapter with my Omni 6+: